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Knock It Off: NYC to Criminalize Counterfeit Bags?

They say that fashion never sleeps. Unfortunately, this blogger does, and she hasn’t updated the site in a while. I promise to provide more news from the fashion law world for my readers soon. That being said…

At the end of April, New York Councilwoman Margaret Chin (Chinatown district) proposed a bill that would prohibit the purchase of counterfeit goods. If passed, aficionados of fake Fendis could be fined $1,000 or spend up to a year in jail.

Will this law scare people out of buying counterfeit bags, or just force them to buy their counterfeits with more caution? I’m reminded of the scene from Sex and the City 2 where Charlotte is lured into an off-street, counterfeit cabana in Abu Dhabi. Could this law force the counterfeit vendors of New York’s Canal Street to go underground? More importantly, will any self-respecting fashionista follow them?